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Chronoclasm Chronicles

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A young lady accidentally causes a time paradox and must eliminate it to see her beloved again.

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Game Description

A night call has changed the whole life of a young woman called Jane: she discovers that her uncle has died and she may inherit his house in France. But Jane could never imagine how severe the consequences of such inheritance might be. In the uncle’s house she finds a time machine and dares to use it, which results in a growing temporal paradox. From now on Jane is responsible for the future of the whole humanity. She must find a way to avert the paradox which will mix the past with the present and move entire generations to different historical epochs.

The stakes are high: the whole mankind is standing at the brink of survival, but there’s something no less powerful that makes Jane’s heart beat faster and encourages her to challenge the inevitability of the disaster. She must by all means see Alan again.

While eliminating the time paradox you will have to use all your imagination and attention to small details. Travel to the France of the 17th century to help a brave musketeer save the Queen’s honor, visit Ancient India with its dainty adornments and go through the sophisticated traps of the Mayan civilization.

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