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Elena's Journal - Unfinished Expedition

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Romance & adventure await! Can you help Elena must find the secret of the City of the Amazons!

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Game Description

As a young woman in the academic world, Elena refuses to accept having to serve coffee forever, despite the fact that the odds are stacked against her. She hasn't thought about anything else since her father perished in an expedition years ago. Is there anything still buried at the original excavation site? What occurred there that resulted in a human death? Elena will not rest until she has discovered the truth! Despite the old professor's and his (very!) charming assistant's best efforts to persuade her out of it, she is certain of one thing: if there were no secrets concealed in the past, no one would have stolen the documents from her father's expedition. Who is attempting to keep her past hidden from her? What exactly should she not learn? And who is the mystery woman who is watching her from a distance? It's time for an adventure! The City of the Amazons has a lot to offer...But the question is, how much are you ready to take a chance on? Career? Friends? Yourself?

- Become an archeologist , whose work turns out to be far more mysterious than anticipated.
- Live out a story full of unexpected plot twists, where the past mixes with the present..
- Meet and get to know all of the interesting background characters. Do you know who can be trusted? Or who is worthy of your love?
- Be swept off your feet by the beautiful scenery and ambient music. From the old University, through the mysterious antique store to the City of the Amazons!
- Match the difficulty to your needs by choosing from three different difficulty levels.
- And most importantly, discover what secrets are concealed in the City of the Amazons!

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