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Elven Rivers 4 - Raging Waves

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With Elven Rivers 4 - Raging Waves explore thrilling new worlds!

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Game Description

Though Celene is a young elven scout, adventures find her rather than her actively seeking them out. This time, however, the dangerous flood that poses a threat to the entire eastern marshlands is working against her.

A distant horn sounds, and enormous waves appear to be reacting to it. Calm and lazy rivers turn into violent, frothing torrents that will crush everything in their path - a true depiction of nature's fury! Standard residences, bridges, and even dams will not stand a chance against the oceans.

However, it's also possible that the damns were intentionally targeted to weaken them. It turns out that this tiny, undetectable shadow has been circling the construction site; they must be up to naught good!

- Participate in an exciting fantasy story where you have to withstand powerful currents!
- Find an unexpected ally and pursue the route of superb craftsmanship and investigation!
- There are several different game modes to choose from, including a serene story-driven game and an intense race against the clock.
- Seek keepsakes and accomplish objectives.

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