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Nonograms is a soothing puzzle game that requires both imagination and logic to solve.

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Game Description

In the soothing puzzle game Nonograms, you must apply reasoning and ingenuity. By filling in certain grid cells with numerical hints provided for each row and column, you hope to uncover hidden pictures.
Other names for the games in this genre include Griddlers, Hanjie, Pic-a-Pix, and Picross.

- 120 vibrant images to uncover
- Enormous problem grids measuring up to 35x35
- Each puzzle may be solved logically in every case. There's no need to guess!
- Blank cell autofill
- Smooth cell animation
- Colored or monochrome cell representation
- Save/continue feature for any puzzle at any moment
- Sophisticated steampunk FullHD graphics and music effects
- Convenient controls for the game
- Support for several languages
- Adaptable sound themes (Steampunk, Gothic, Winter, Egyptian)
- In-game background picture and music track swapping
- Simple instruction
- Calm gameplay mode - no mistakes
- Practical advice for novices
- Brilliant accomplishments for seasoned gamers

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