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Unsolved Case: Above the Law

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There are so many crimes in front of you! Unsolved Case Discovered: Over the Law

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Game Description

A city's well-known mayor was assassinated, shocking and unsettling the whole populace! It becomes clear that the killer doesn't care about the law and that anyone could become the next casualty. It is your responsibility to bring the culprit to justice and calm the community's agitated members. In order to gather crucial evidence, you'll need to investigate crime sites, go undercover, and even decide who to trust with your inexperienced young partner. In this instance, which will be distinct in every manner, the stakes are fairly high. Can you answer this riddle and, with your scattered allies, restore justice to a city in need?

- To read the rest of the story, grab the bonus chapter!
- Take a look at a wide range of concept art to learn about the creative process!
- Relive your favorite minigames, HO moments, and in-game movies!
- Use the free wallpapers and music player that are included to immerse yourself in the mysterious universe!

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